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Building and protecting trust online.

We’re relentlessly driven to make the internet more trustworthy and transparent.


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300+ million

Consumers Impacted

240+ billion

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1+ million

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Businesses prove they are trustworthy. People make better decisions online.

Our Mission

Cybercrime is on the rise and becoming more sophisticated every day. Both people and businesses are at risk to threats like malware, viruses, phishing, data breaches, scams, and identity theft. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear how to identify which sites are safe and stay protected online.

At TrustedSite, our mission is to create a more transparent internet where everyone can stay safe and businesses can thrive. We believe trust should be earned, not bought, and offer resources to help businesses prove they are legitimate, reliable, and safe. With increased transparency, people can build trust in businesses and shop online with confidence.

Our leadership team

Tim Dowling

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Tim began his career coding and selling software for the first IBM PC. He went on to work for Intel in product management and marketing, and then found himself in internet security building the first web-oriented business unit for McAfee. At McAfee, Tim was integral to the 2006 acquisition of ScanAlert, now McAfee SECURE, and continues to direct brand strategy and operations at TrustedSite.

Ben Tyler

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Ben Tyler created the groundbreaking Hacker Safe technology that paved the way for McAfee SECURE's success. He has been coding essentially since infancy and continues to build cutting-edge internet security technology for the McAfee SECURE services suite.

Todd Gebhart

Board Member

Todd Gebhart recently retired as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for McAfee. Previously, Gebhart was co-president of McAfee, and he has more than thirty years of experience in the IT industry. He received his bachelor's degree in business administration from California State Polytechnic University and completed the executive MBA program at Harvard University.

Bill Kerrigan

Founder and Board Member

Bill Kerrigan currently serves as Board Member at RadialPoint and as Executive Advisor to Abine. His career includes roles as President and CEO of Abine, President and CEO of RadialPoint, and as EVP of McAfee's Worldwide Consumer Business.

Nick Merritt

Vice President, Security Products & Services

Nick Merritt heads up security for TrustedSite. Nick has more than 15 years of experience in securing network infrastructures. He has been publicly credited for his contributions to responsible disclosure of zero day vulnerabilities in mainstream software including Microsoft. Prior to joining TrustedSite, Nick was in charge of architecting Identity and Access Management solutions for enterprise networks at OneLogin.

Nick Hemenway

Vice President, Marketing

Nick Hemenway leads the UX, design and marketing at TrustedSite. He graduated from the University of Southern California where he received a B.A. in Film Production.

Join us.

We're looking for talented, ambitious people who want to build a better internet with us. Our team includes people with all sorts of backgrounds, from web security to film production to finance. Whatever our role, we're all hardworking, driven, and creative. If this sounds like you, we’d love for you to join us.

While originally based in San Francisco, we offer fully remote working opportunities.