The state of ecommerce trust in 2020

The following data is based on responses from over 600 US consumers surveyed in 2020.

92% of consumers are concerned about shopping on unfamiliar sites
27% more consumers are worried about shopping on their smartphones than in 2018
14% more consumers are concerned about identity theft than in 2018

How concerned are you about providing personal information (e.g., credit card, address, phone number) when shopping online at each of the following types of websites?

Stolen credit card information is the number one concern

What is your biggest concern when shopping online?

Half of consumers have abandoned a cart because of concerns about business legitimacy

Have you ever started to purchase an item online only to abandon the purchase because of any of the following concerns?

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Third-party verification of claims can increase sales

Which of the following statements verified by a third-party entity would increase the likelihood of making a purchase on an unfamiliar site?


We surveyed 608 consumers in the United States through Survey Monkey Audiences. Consumers were asked to select all the concerns they would have at each stage of the customer journey on an unfamiliar site. An unfamiliar site was defined as one they had not previously made a purchase on. The list of concerns appeared in a random order for each question.