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With TrustedSite trustmarks, you can build trust in areas of your site where concerns are likely to throw visitors off the path to purchase.

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Floating Trustmark

Trust from the start.

Once your site has earned the Certified Secure certification, you'll be able to display the TrustedSite floating trustmark, which stays visible to shoppers no matter where they are on your site—or what kind of device they're on. If they ever have doubts about your identity or security, they can easily click and verify through a modal.

Engagement Trustmarks

Assurance every step of the way.

In addition to the floating trustmark, users should display the engagement trustmarks. They're designed to be placed in specific conversion areas to let your visitors know that a particular action—like filling out a form, logging in, or checking out—is safe.


Turn customers into advocates.

Our testimonials trustmark lets you easily show off the words of your most satisfied customers with the Issue-Free Orders certification.


More than one concern can throw visitors off track.

The responsive banner shows off multiple certifications your site has earned and dynamically adapts to fit the screen size and location.


Show you’re spam-free.

No one likes email spam. Increase trust by showing customers their inbox is safe.

Shopper Identity Protection

Address customers’ #1 concern.

Show your checkout is secure with the $100k Identity Protection trustmark.

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