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Address concerns about business reliability and order fulfillment by showing visitors that you consistently deliver outstanding service.
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Show off your great track record.

Sites that earn TrustedSite’s Issue-Free Orders certification give visitors insight into their track record as a reliable business. When they see a high order fulfillment rate along with testimonials from previous customers, new customers will know they’ll be happy with their order, too.

Because customers want transparency.

Will I receive my order on time? Is the customer service team helpful? Will I be charged correctly? Half of consumers have concerns like these when reviewing their shopping cart.¹

Customer testimonials impact 23% of shoppers’ purchasing decisions.¹

Display your high rate of customer satisfaction.

Use the Issue-Free Orders trustmark to display the percent of orders fulfilled without a hitch, and use the testimonials trustmark to display stories from satisfied customers.

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Earn the Issue-Free Orders certification.

To get TrustedSite’s Issue-Free Orders certification, sign up for Trusted Certification Pro and maintain an issue-free rate of at least 95%.

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  • Install conversion tracking code
  • Get at least 10 monitored purchases
  • Maintain at least 95% issue-free order rate.

Start leveraging positive customer feedback.

Sign up for Trusted Certification Pro and start collecting customer feedback to earn the Issue-Free Orders certification.

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  1. ¹ 2020 TrustedSite SurveyMonkey survey of 600 consumers.
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