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Address visitor concerns about malware, viruses, and phishing by showing your site is regularly monitored for security issues by a third-party.
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Make visitors feel safe.

Sites that earn TrustedSite’s Certified Secure certification can display the TrustedSite floating trustmark across every page. When visitors see the trustmark, they can confidently continue shopping knowing the site is secure.

Because security concerns are spreading.

When first arriving at an unfamiliar site, 34% of consumers have concerns about phishing and 40% have concerns about viruses and malware.¹

23% of consumers have abandoned a purchase because of concerns about viruses and malware.¹

Show you’re secure and increase sales.

Display the floating trustmark to establish trust right off the bat and encourage more visitors to complete their purchase.

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Earn the Certified Secure certification.

To get TrustedSite’s Certified Secure certification, sign up for a TrustedSite Certification and pass a weekly security scan.

  • No malware or malicious links found
  • The site is not Google blacklisted
  • The site is not a phishing site
  • The site is not an attack site
  • The site is not a compromised site

Over 100,000 sites have earned the Certified Secure certification.

Is yours next?

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  1. ¹ 2020 TrustedSite SurveyMonkey survey of 600 consumers.
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