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Address concerns about data protection and phishing by showing visitors their information is secure with SSL encryption.
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Keep customer data safe.

Sites that earn TrustedSite’s Data Protection certification show they use SSL encryption to keep visitors safe. When visitors see that their personal information is protected, they’ll be reassured when sharing sensitive data on the site.

Because fraud is imminent.

There were over 271,000 reports of credit card fraud in 2019.¹ Consequently, nearly three-fourths of consumers have concerns about the security of their credit card information when shopping on an unfamiliar site.²

The #1 concern consumers have when shopping online is the security of their credit card information.²

Show customers they’re protected.

Display the Secure Checkout, Secure Form and Secure Login trustmarks in key engagement areas where data protection concerns commonly inhibit conversions.

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Earn the Data Protection certification.

To get TrustedSite’s Data Protection certification, sign up for Trusted Certification Pro and use SSL encryption across your site.

  • Use SSL encryption across your site

Protect customers, boost conversions.

Show customers they’re protected on your site and start getting more conversions.

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  1. ¹ 2020 TrustedSite SurveyMonkey survey of 600 consumers.
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