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Address concerns about business legitimacy, customer satisfaction, and order fulfillment by showcasing authentic reviews from your previous customers.
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Show that people love your business.

Sites that earn TrustedSite’s Trusted Reviews certification give shoppers insight into their business with our trusted reviews partners. When they see that previous customers’ expectations were met, new customers will know they’ll be satisfied, too.

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Because reviews boost sales.

Before making a purchase from an unfamiliar site, 93% of consumers read customer reviews to see what others have to say about the business and their products.1 And when a business has excellent reviews, consumers are likely to spend 31% more.2

Customers spend up to 31% more when a business has excellent reviews.

Merge your trust-building tools.

Integrate your reviews into your TrustedSite certification modal and page. That way, when visitors click your TrustedSite trustmarks, they’ll see your authentic reviews collected by trusted reviews providers.

Earn the Trusted Reviews certification.

To get TrustedSite’s Trusted Reviews certification, sign up for TrustedSite Pro and connect your reviews provider.

  • Collect reviews with a trusted provider
  • Enable Trusted Reviews in TrustedSite

Use your advocates to get more sales.

Start building trust with the help of your previous customers.

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  1. ¹ ² 2020 TrustedSite SurveyMonkey survey of 600 consumers.
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