The Year of Optimization: How to turn more visitors into buyers in 2022

Digital advertising costs have risen through the roof, which means you can’t afford to give customers a less-than-optimal experience on your site. If there’s friction in your customer journey, you’re more likely to see abandoned carts and wasted ad dollars pile up. That’s why 2022 is the year of optimization. It’s time to examine your customer journey with a fine-tooth comb and make the path to purchase as smooth as possible.

In this webinar, TrustedSite and The Good teamed up to show you how to do exactly that. Jon MacDonald (founder of The Good and author of Opting In To Optimization) shares his laws of conversion rate optimization and gives practical tips on how to incorporate those principles into your 2022 optimization plan. Alysse Phipps (Content Lead at TrustedSite) shares further insights on the essential role trust signals play in conversion rate optimization. Together, Jon and Alysse review the customer journey of a select webinar participant and discuss ways to optimize for conversions.