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TrustedSite Certification, from the operators of the McAfee SECURE service, helps websites alleviate visitor doubts and increase conversion rates.

See how much more your site can sell with TrustedSite Certification. Get a complimentary consultation and A/B testing plan from one of our trust experts.

Test Results

Our agency partners have helped clients achieve revenue increasing results when testing TrustedSite Certification.

  • Mountain House increased sales by 26.9%
  • Walkin' Pets increased sales by 11%
  • The Shoe Mart increased sales by 14%
  • Holabird Sports increased sales by 16%

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We’re confident that you’ll see results with TrustedSite Certification. But don’t believe us, test it for yourself. Get a complimentary consultation.

What you’ll get
  • Personal consultation
  • Custom implementation PDF
  • Complimentary subscription for the length of your test
  • Technical implementation guide for your optimization platform
  • No-risk opportunity to increase sales and conversions
  • Free testing opportunity: We'll pay for the test and provide the service at no cost for the duration of the testing period.
  • 10x Guarantee: If the test wins and you decide to purchase the service, you'll be guaranteed a minimum of 10x revenue increase indicated in the test results over the cost of the service.
  • Expert placement guidance: We'll provide guidance on best placements of the trustmarks.