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TrustedSite Certification helps websites alleviate visitor doubts and increase conversion rates.

We firmly believe in helping trustworthy sites increase their customer base. And we believe in testing. That’s why we offer several benefits to agencies that perform conversion rate testing to help their clients sell more online.

Test Results

Our agency partners have helped clients achieve revenue increasing results when testing TrustedSite certification.

  • Mountain House increased sales by 26.9%
  • Walkin' Pets increased sales by 11%
  • The Shoe Mart increased sales by 14%
  • Holabird Sports increased sales by 16%

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Benefits for Your Clients

Help your clients drive more sales with trust.

  • Free testing opportunity: We'll pay for the test and provide the service at no cost for the duration of the testing period.

  • 10x Guarantee: If the test wins, and the client decides to purchase the service, they'll be guaranteed a minimum of 10x revenue increase indicated in the test results over the cost of the service.

  • Expert placement guidance: We'll provide guidance (alongside your own) on best placements of the trustmarks.

Benefits for You

You win when your customers are testing. And our strong, hypothesis-driven test is one of the best ways to deliver value.

  • You get paid: We’re confident your clients will see results. That’s why we'll pay for any test you provide.

  • Dedicated partner manager: We’ll make this easy on you by setting up testing accounts, answering questions, providing mockups and reviewing test results.

  • Bullet-proof documentation: We've fully documented the very simple work needed to test TrustedSite with any optimization tool.

  • Exposure in marketing materials: You’ll be prominently featured in case studies shared with thousands of websites using our service.