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Sell more with trust.

Address the concerns that cost you sales and convert more customers at every stage of the buying funnel.

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The Problem

Consumers are worried.
And that hurts sales.

More than 8/10 people have concerns about the security of their personal information online.* And nearly 60% of people have abandoned shopping carts because of concerns over the security of their personal information.*

The Solution

Address those concerns.
So you can sell more.

73% of consumers say trustmarks make them feel like their personal information is secure when shopping online.*

Show your site is safe, your business delivers, and your customers are protected with TrustedSite certification.

TrustedSite delivers trust beyond security.

Our trustmarks and certification ensure your customers can trust your site and your business.

  • Security

    We check your site for malware, viruses, phishing attacks, and other malicious activities.

  • Issue-Free Orders

    Show off the percent of orders that you completed without any problem, along with stories from satisfied customers.

  • Shopper Identity Protection

    Protect your customers with 90-days of Identity Protection good for up to $100,000.

  • Verified Business

    Show indepently verified contact information to demonstrate that your business is reliable.

Convert more visitors every step of the way.

From logging in to checking out and even after the purchase, our trustmarks give your customers the confidence they need.

Ease concerns from the very start.

The floating trustmark ensures that every single visitor will be able to test and verify that your site is safe.

Keep visitors on your site.

Let customers verify your security, contact information, and business integrity without ever leaving your site—no matter what device they're on.

Reassure them in the footer, too.

Placing the TrustedSite trustmark in the footer helps reassure the most concerned visitors that you're trustworthy.

Convert visitors who worry about identity theft.

The Shopper Identity Protection trustmark lets customers know they're covered in case their identity is compromised—the #1 fear of shoppers online.

Show customers their data is safe.

Our Secure Form and Secure Login trustmarks are specifically designed to let people know that they're on a site with a valid SSL certificate, and that any personal data they send will be secure—helping increase sign ups and new visitor registrations.

And win their business in the checkout.

The Secure Checkout trustmarks reassure visitors that their credit card information is safe, helping significantly increase your sales.

Join the growing community of ecommerce marketers using trust to help convert more visitors.


Revenue Increase


Conversion Rate Increase


Revenue Increase
Over Alternative Trust Badge

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* According to TrustedSite via Survey Monkey Audience 2018.
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