TrustedSite Certification

Turn visitors into customers.

But first, security.

Before your website can display the full set of TrustedSite tools, we scan it thoroughly to ensure the data security of your visitors.

Establish trust everywhere.

Once your site has been scanned, you'll be able to display the TrustedSite floating trustmark, which stays visible to shoppers now matter where they are on your site—or what kind of device they're on. If they ever have doubts about your identity or security, they can easily click and verify through a modal.

Trustmarks tailored to every need.

In addition to the floating trustmark, users should display the engagement trustmarks. They're designed to be placed in specific conversion areas, and let your visitors know that a particular action—like filling out a form, logging in, or checking out—is safe.

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Protect your customers' identities.

Your visitors want to be safe during every step of the buying experience—even after they buy. That's why TrustedSite users can offer their customers Shopper Identity Protection at no charge. It insures your customers for 90 days for up to $100,000 in the case of identity theft, making them more comfortable making the initial purchase, and making them more likely to come back for more.

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See how your site stacks up.

As a business owner, nothing is more valuable than knowing what your customers want. That's why the Trust Survey, currently in beta, shows you real responses from visitors about the perceived trustworthiness of your site. See how you compare to TrustedSite websites and use this information to build greater trust with your customers.