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Mortgage Relief Project

For more than 10 years, MRP has been helping homeowners stop foreclosure and resolve their troubled mortgages. We provide access to foreclosure defense and loss mitigation attorneys, nationwide. We have established a nationwide foreclosure help line at (888) 718-0986. By calling the help line, your call will be directly routed to a foreclosure defense law firm licensed to practice in your state for a FREE evaluation!

Courtroom5 -- Be Your Own Lawyer

The end-to-end legal toolbox for managing a civil claim without a lawyer.

LegalShield offers individuals and families peace of mind through low cost legal expense plans. Members pay one low monthly fee and receive access to experience legal professionals in their area and get legal help online. At LegalShield, weve been offering legal plans for 40 years, creating a world where everyone can access legal protectionand everyone can afford it.