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MajorAV is a proven value antivirus and PC tuneup utilities combo.

Biometric Devices and Software for Biometric Identification Systems

Biometric devices and software solutions including fingerprint scanner, face recognition, iris ID, mobile biometrics for iOS, biometrics consulting, and developer tools for biometric identification, security and access control by Fulcrum Biometrics.

BulletVPN Home Page

BulletVPN allows its users to browse the web the way they want, removing all artificial boundaries along the way. Our users' privacy, as well as online security, is our utmost priority. Bypassing regional restrictions has never been so easy, fast, and safe thanks to our user-friendly VPN apps on Android and iOS devices.

Established in 2018 by two ex-google employees, is a consumer online privacy and persona management service. We scan for your data across the web, analyze the content and then guide you through actions tailored to your unique ambitions & needs. Ultimately we empower you to be in control of your online data.

Employee & Customer software benefits made simple ! SaasForce BV is an authorized reseller of anti-virus software for home use. Whether you use your home computer for playing online games or telecommuting, your computer is an investment that needs to be protected from internet viruses. Reliable anti-virus software can protect your computer around the clock without tedious updates and scans.


Votre partenaire en Protection de la vie Prive, CyberScurit, Gouvernance et Management

Grupo Desarrolladores Informaticos (GDI S.A.)

Brindamos servicios y soluciones profesionales en el rea de administracin y seguridad informtica

Limited Edition Solutions

Limited Edition Solutions - Home and Small Business IT Services in and around Sudbury, Suffolk