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Largest Selection Of Central Vacuum Systems, Household and Commercial Vacuum Cleaners, Parts, Accessories and More. We carry a large selection of brands, you can find big brands like Dyson, Miele, Sanitaire, Nutone, Bissell, Eureka, Electrolux, and many others. We have been in the Vacuum business for over 30 Years. We know vacuums better than they know themselves. Built in Vacuum, Whole house vacuum, and In Wall Vacuum Experts

Get more Good Stuff for Less Green Stuff. With only the best stuff available, we take the guess work out of ordering online. Find good stuf for cleaning, decorating, laundry and your kitchen. The best stuff for your home at the lowest prices. At Simply Good Stuff Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

High Quality Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Ristenbatt Vacuum Cleaner Service, Inc.

Ristenbatt Vacuum is a family owned retail vacuum cleaner store with an emphasis on quality products, durable repairs and friendly customer service. It was founded by Sherwood E. Ristenbatt in 1957 and continues today under the leadership of his son, David E. Ristenbatt, a member of the Vacuum Cleaner Dealers Hall of Fame. Their store features over forty models of new vacuum cleaners plus Austin air cleaners and HAAN steam mops as well as hundreds of repair parts.

Genesis 950 Concentrate

Genesis 950 is the best Pet odor and stain remover available. Genesis 950 breaks down the bonds of the stain while killing odor causing bacteria, Genesis 950 makes pet stains, Oils, Grease, Blood, as well as most common household stains water soluble and easy to remove with a water rinse. Sanitaire vacuums, Sanitaire buffers, Sanitaire Carpet Cleaner Extractors and Floor Machines.

TMF Store: Carpet Cleaning Equipment & Chemicals from TruckMountForums

Modified carpet cleaning equipment and carpet cleaning chemicals for professionals. Find the latest parts & secret chemical mixes to clean carpets like no other

Gator Vacuum and Sewing- Central Vacuum, Vacuum, and Sewing Repair

Gator Vacuum was established in 1989 in Coral Springs, FL by Robert Buckwald. Having been born into the vacuum business and taught by his father Arnold, who owned several high volume vacuum stores in Brooklyn NY in the 1960's, he already had a head start in the industry at such a young age. Helping his father after school and every Saturday repairing vacuums in the 1970's provided him with on-the-job training and overall knowledge of the vacuum industry, which formed the core of who he is today. Learning responsibility and helping customers at that age made a real impression on Robert and taught him valuable lessons on how to run a business. The vacuum business has evolved from the days of disco balls, bell bottoms, and old-fashioned shag rugs. It's an ever-changing, always innovated business.

Sunshine Clothesline and Flag Poles

Sunshine Clotheslines, Dryers and Flag Poles. When you buy a Sunshine Clothesline you know it will perform well for many years! At G & G Clothesline we manufacture Clotheslines and Dryers that are durable, fold up for storage, are assembled and fully roped. Our Sunshine Clothesline was patented in 1915 and built ever since. Over the years it has been upgraded as ideas and technology have improved. We make them in Parkersburg IA with people who are proud of the Sunshine Clothesline name. We are also proud that we build a product that helps conserve energy by using renewal resources to perform a continually needed task. As of February 2019 we manufacture two models of Sunshine Clotheslines, an indoor/outdoor folding dryer and Flag Poles. We are glad to do our part to keep manufacturing in the USA by building the Sunshine Clotheslines here.

Chefe da Limpeza

Compre seus produtos com segurança aqui no chefe da Limpeza. Temos todos os suprimentos e químicos e pague-o online.

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