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1. Name a Star

Online Star Register (OSR) believes that for everyone on earth, there's a star shining in the sky. That's why OSR makes it possible to name stars in The Online Star Register. You can name a star for anyone you feel deserves it, for a special occasion like a birth, a birthday, an anniversary, a marriage, a goodbye or just because they are dear to you. The star with the chosen name and star date will shine for millions of years. This means your gift will last forever.

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For Budding Architects is created for architecture students, to guide them in their studies and for geting new ideas

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Margie's Daughter = Mission "Tilting The World in a Better Direction"= Subscribe to our Blog Filomena Sez to discover the power of your own voice and wisdom.

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The Minnesota Population Center (MPC, is a leader in the field of quantitative social science research and the largest disseminator of census