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Shivam S.   916 days ago
https://www.studynotescompany.co.uk/ is a brilliant website for students like myself. It is an excellent source of study materials including exam notes and exam solutions but also materials for the academic year including concise and focused lecture notes.

I can honestly say, me and quite a few of my friends would not have done anywhere near as well as we did without these resources. All the notes have been checked before uploading and provide highly relevant information to the courses at hand, which is incredibly useful as it allows us to be focused in our revision, rather than sifting through lots of outdated or irrelevant data.

Having used this website for 3 out of my 4 courses and many of my friends doing the same, I can honestly say it was totally worth the investment (which is very, very reasonable) and it is truly an initiative which has proved tremendously useful to many students alongside myself.

Anonymous   857 days ago
Study Notes have a great selection of revision notes and study guides. I used them quite a bit last year and was really pleased with their service. Plus the notes I got for EC102 and EH101 were of good standard and quality. I look forward to using them again!

Anonymous   869 days ago
The Study Notes Company is an invaluable tool for any LSE student and the range of products they now offer means there is something for everyone. I am able to find useful resources for all my modules, whether that's revision notes, study guides or past questions. I highly recommend this company to anyone at LSE.

Yy C.   322 days ago
not bad. often have 50% off sales so ride on that. one not-so-minor niggle is all the notes are un-printable which i understand why but it's more conductive to be able to highlight these notes.

Sarojini S.   323 days ago
For someone like me these are good to get and I wish I got these notes earlier!

Sohum S.   324 days ago
Helped with catching up on content.

Alex C.   324 days ago
Nice and complete!

Sohum S.   327 days ago
Great notes and really clear to use.

Xiu Y.   382 days ago
The notes are promptly sent, and its a very well compiled set of notes.

Dorcas A.   401 days ago
very helpful

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