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Jose P.   158 days ago
I just received my shoes. WOW!! Top high quality!!!
Besides shipping time was on point! Only took 6 days to get my shoes.
Great business you guys are managing, very good.
I’m going to be ordering a couple of shoes more in the following days.
I’ll let you guys know.

Saludos desde Mexico!

Laurent E.   169 days ago
Very Nice quality, the Boost is real and the primeknit upper is petfect !
It’s my third order (yeezy Zebra 2 and white 1 )
It’s 99% looks like originals.

And good shipping with Nice Yeezy box !

I will buy my next Yeezy oreo here
And communication is nice between the seller.

Denis D.   203 days ago
Great services! Fast shipping! The hoodie is perfect.

Luke C.   53 days ago
Great service from Kenny who is always on hand to help if you have any questions the quality so far on my multiple orders has been excellent on the whole and sizing seems great as well as opposed to other websites which are Asian sizes . Sizes seen genuine US/UK sizes which makes things more convenient shipping is also very quick

Ty L.   115 days ago
It is 90% passing legitcheck! Best quality out there

Nik R.   165 days ago
Extremly good Quality, easy payment and very nice service. :)

George K.   334 days ago
I bought 2 items from them and they are both right on point perfect 1:1 QUALITY MATERIAL replicas and their customer service is excellent they always answer and will always work with you

Roman B.   261 days ago
ThIs website is amazing, no other words, their quality is the same as the real stuff, it looks exactly the same but the price is just way lower! I bought a Supreme x TNF Mountain Parka and its perfect even though the sewing screwed up on one spot but its pretty much invisible. It took a while to come and i thought it was a scam but it actually came and i’m super happy, i now trust this website and i would definitely buy from them (if they could restock their American Bogo i would definitely cop it and i believe way more will) Keep it up!

James K.   11 days ago
Very good stuffs!

Rasmus N.   50 days ago
Absolutely amazing quality. I've looked over the shirt 3 times for flaws, comparing it to my real Off White and I havn't found any noticeable differences, would definitely buy from here again!

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