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Aniquah S.   290 days ago
Since the age of 12 I have struggled with menstrual cramps and PMS. The recent discovery of this hormone balancing elixir has been a complete win for me, and has helped to reduce the pain I usually experience, and also calm my mood!

I take Bootsy Chuchu Chaste Tree Berry every morning with warm water, it brings routine to my morning and I love everything that this product stands for.

Who knew a natural plant based product could balance hormone levels?!

Sarah S.   293 days ago
Admittedly I was cynical that a plant based formula could really help me with my long term PMS and irregular cycles, but after 5 months using this product I won't doubt mother nature again! After the first couple of months, I was still experiencing irregular cycles but my PMS symptoms - mainly headaches & mood swings - had decreased a lot. However, my last 3 cycles have been exactly 28 days apart on the dot. Can't quite believe it! I'm converted.

Marissa C.   297 days ago
After two years of a missing period, I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea. I was told that my estrogen was post-menopausal and I was at risk for osteoporosis and likely unable to have children. At 20, hearing this was devastating. I began to explore my options, but most conventional medicine advised me just to take the pill. I knew this was a “band aid” and that I needed to take a holistic approach to my healing. That is when I discovered the Bootsy product and journal. I related to the blog posts and knew I had to try the Hormone Balancing Elixir. Even more to my surpsirse, since receiving the product I have been in touch with the owner, Siena, who has checked in with me, showing genuine compassion and care for my situation. Every morning and night drinking the Elixir has become a ritual for me. I feel my body responding positively and am so grateful for the progress that this product and community has brought to me.

Elise F.   298 days ago
Love this stuff! I came off the pill after being on it for over 16 years - I wasn't getting my period so my naturopath prescribed Chaste Tree Berry. After a lot of research I decided to go with Bootsy Chu Chu - I think it's one of the best on the market. WIthin one month of using it was back :) :) It usually takes three months so hang in there if it doesnt happen for you immediately. Thank you Bootsy!!

Katherine O.   346 days ago
Bootsy Chuchu has become a part of my morning ritual for a few months now and I couldn't even think about having my hot water + lemon without it! For years I've struggled with period pain and irregular cycles and now I can say that my period comes on day 28 EVERY MONTH! My skin has cleared up and my pain has decreased. If their miracle formula wasn't enough the brand's spirit is captivating and everything from the box it comes in to their instagram is inspiring.

Kelsey F.   359 days ago
I've been using bootsy chuchu a little over 5 months and the impact to my life has been huge. Having endometriosis means that I've struggled with hormonal imbalances and painful cycles since I was 12 years old. While I have treated this both surgically and through diet with great success, I still struggled with drastic mood swings and PMS. For me, bootsy chuchu has been a god send. I still have a natural ebb and flow with my cycles but feel so much more balanced throughout the month. I am noticeably happier and some months I almost forget my period is coming because I have little to no pms symptoms. I have had a couple months of spotting or delayed periods since I started taking it but from what I've researched this can be normal as your body adjusts. My past two periods have been right on time so I'm curious to see how everything will go from now on!

Anonymous   365 days ago
For me, Chaste Tree Berry has been an absolute game changer. After years of erratic cycles and brutal period cramps, I can happily say I now have a regular 28 day cycle and only need to take one ibuprofen on Day 1.

My emotions are in check and it also cleared up my skin breakouts that I used to experience around my cycle.

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