How do I add Insights?

Adding Insights gives you information about brands and websites that you care about. For example, if you want to shop at environmentally-friendly stores, you can add the 1% for the Planet Insight.

To add Insights, go to the Insights store and sign in. There, you'll be able to add Insights across a wide range of topics from social media to business.

Why does the extension need the permission to "read and change all the data on the websites you visit"?

First things first: our extension does not track your browsing history or capture data like credit card numbers. We need this permission in order to annotate the links that you see across the web and let you know more information about them. It's similar to how an ad blocker needs to be able to see if an ad is being served up on a site in order to block it.

This is a very standard permission that you can read more about in this New York Times article.

Does Insights annotate social media links?

Currently we annotate external links in Facebook and Reddit, and more are coming soon.

A link I'm seeing isn't annotated. What should I do?

Not all sites will be annotated by the extension. But no matter where you are, you can always right-click a link and select TrustedSite to see Insights about it.

What does Insights cost?

It's free!

How do I remove Insights?

If you no longer wish to see a particular Insight, you can go here to see which Insights you follow. Click on whichever Insight you no longer want to follow and toggle the "Follow Insight" button to off.

I've added an Insight but it isn't appearing in my search results. What should I do?

In your Insights, you can select which Insights you would like to appear or not appear in Search results. All of your Insights will still be visible by clicking the TrustedSite icon in your browser bar.

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