Yard Focus

Yard Focus offers some of the most unique yard decor items such as water fountains and fire pits that can be found online, and at the best prices. We know you take pride in your yard and you should, you worked hard on it. We're a family owned business and based in Ohio. We love a beautiful yard and know that when you focus on your yard, your home is naturally enhanced. We've had thousands of satisfied customers through the years and look forward to helping many more families improve the essence of their home. We promise to help give your home a unique look, ignite your artistic side and help enhance your yard. You don't want the outside of your home looking like everyone else's and we completely understand. After all, a beautiful yard is an artistic expression. Our items are specially selected to meet the needs of art inclined homeowners. We're passionate about a great looking yard and enjoy helping others improve their curb appeal.

6491 Danville Road, Lynchburg, OH, 45142, US
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