World of Munchies

World of Munchies is a snack box delivery service. We feature popular snacks from around the world. 4 options to choose from including monthly subscription. Each box has hand picked snacks and packaged at time of order. No two boxes are the same. Free samples are included with every order. Monthly subscribers get option to choose the type of box they prefer (sett, salty, no spicy etc). Quality control measures are in place to ensure we provide only the best quality snacks. International counties have a unique dating system. In some areas the day is written first and in others the year might be first. All products are checked for dates as they are received and once again when packed. We then do a final check of every order before it is sent to our customers. World of Munchies came from the entrepreneurial mind of our 11 year old who is a 6th grader.

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