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At wholesale.pk we strive hard to get you the finest condition of original brands. We don’t sell Fake Copies or Replicas. Getting you the best quality takes a lot of effort that we want you to appreciate: *Sourcing* We find these gems from around the world in large quantities so you get a wide range of colours, designs and sizes at incredibly low prices. We import the products from UK, USA, Europe, and Japan *Quality Control* After importing the products, we spend hours rigorously selecting only high-quality merchandise. Our quality assurance team looks at each product carefully and approves only non-defected products with zero-tolerance for fake copies/replicas. So when you order your favourite pair of Adidas Sneakers, or Marks and Spencer shirt, or Under Armour Cap, it will be as good as new *Cleaning/Washing* After a rigorous quality check, all products are washed/dry-cleaned and steam pressed. We make sure all our products look and feel as FRESH as brand new. So w

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