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About The Company
UGears mechanical models constructor kits: tractor, tram, safe, train, harvester, timer, box, trailer, truck,dynamometr, engine. Eco Friendly Birch Plywood. We are exclusive importer of UGears brand in UK. In 2014, we joined our efforts to initiate a startup UGears to create our own production of modular mechanical models in which everything is real. Today we have more than 10 models including Steam locomotive, Tractor, Timer, Dynamometer, Trailer, Tram, Mechanical Theatre, Mechanical box, Engine, and Safe. We are continuously working on new designs for the future models. We are very happy to see that our models are appreciated by people of all ages. They literally unite generations. The girls buy them for their boyfriends; grandchildren get our models to put them together with their grandparents. This is the best way to engage constantly busy dads in playing together with their children.

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