Triple Mountain Model Horses

Your #1 source for model horses and horsey items! We specialize in vintage model horses, with several hundred available at all times. Each is individually listed with multiple photos and a detailed condition report. Inventory is always changing, so check in often to see what's new! We are also a Breyer Flagship store, carrying their current line, plus CollectA, Hagen-Renaker and more. Looking for a gift for a horse lover? We carry horse t-shirts (made in the USA!), coffee mugs, jewelry, and customizable items like handmade dream-catchers woven inside real horse shoes and crocheted horses made to look like your real horse. We are proud to be trusted by collectors worldwide for our integrity, variety, best-in-the-business packing, innovative programs, and superb customer service. Run BY collectors, FOR collectors, we take the risk out of buying online!

14 Nature's Way, Hiram, ME, 04041, US
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