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Anonymous 119 days ago
Not satisfied
December 7 my daughter wanted to order me the doberman sneakers for Christmas and she paid the 7.99 for shipping. Here it is December 29th and the tracking number hasn't updated since December 8th in a facility in China hasn't moved. I contacted TeeAmazing and all they could tell me was high demand of christmas it can be slow give it 10 more days then contact them. It's funny cause I am a heavy online shopper and always looking unique merchandise and I ordered all over the world I got all my gifts on time except this. My thing is if the tracking number hasn't moved since December 8 in ten days it isn't moving now. I did get ahold of post office and hopefully I can find out something cause TeeAmazing isn't any help. I did learn though I won't be shopping there site anymore plenty of others with unique stuff out there. Why have a tracking number if you can't tell me anything. Not happy...
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