TASH Cosmetics

At TASH Cosmetics, we pride ourselves on selling the highest quality makeup and skincare out there on the market today--at a reasonable prices! Our extreme creativity in addition to our BOLD-Think outside the box-taste, focus and attention to detail will insure you have the best experience with the best results. We have everything you need to look good and feel great! While most of our products are all made to order which means, you order it, we make it that day so you know your products will always be fresh and new- Not sitting around on a shelf for months waiting to be sold- We have also collaborated with some of the finest cosmetic and skin care developers around to give you even more terrific options! We have done our due diligence while creating our line's. We know exactly what's in our products and what they will do for your skin. We like to think of them as skin food. Because it will not harm your skin and in fact is "good for your skin". Think of it this way, you wouldn't

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