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Born in Argentina, currently residing in Mexico, have drawn the last 6 years in the relentless pursuit to unravel the network to differentiate opportunities for the large number of meaningless illusions what is handled without any responsibility. I attended college in the career of marketing and advertising. But since the 80s I got my first computer in my hands, a Sinclair 1000 with 1 kb of memory and cassette tape programs, these have been my passion has always been through several stages in the first as a translator programmer , at that time it was done from the code base, going through be a software developer, after I dedicated myself the area of maintenance, repair and sale of PCs, and from more than 15 years working in the wonderful world of Internet. I have made great achievements in traditional MLM business, managing to be Chief Executive Committee member of a prestigious company. By my personal development and achievements, jointly with a passion for computers, is born i

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