The Startup Junkie Store

Its not about us. Its about how we help YOU! You dont follow the crowd You know there are people who dont support you. You are comfortable with that as you are your biggest supporter. You took the leap of faith. You know your vision and you will find the supporters that you need to succeed. The Startup Junkie Store helps you keep your brand identity and your companys cultural beliefs front and center so you can proudly strut by the naysayers in your world. You arent afraid to work outside your comfort zone You know what its like to have little or no medical or dental benefits for you or your family. There are no guarantees in a startup, so you have to make everything happen. You are not afraid to ask for things for your company because you believe in it. You may ask for money. You may ask for better terms. You may ask for payment extensions. These things are uncomfortable for most. You know that it takes a little discomfort to get the things you want. Isnt it nice to k

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