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Norman F. 1,009 days ago
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Matthew W. 63 days ago
ClickBank - Separating Fact From Fiction
Folks, if you understand the nature of ClickBank and have dealt with them you'd have to almost consider them a 5-Star by default, regardless of whether the product or service in question is, in your personal opinion, deserving of a rating that doesn't exactly correlate (even if it does, same notion applies).

Here is why...

- ClickBank, founded in 1998, is by far the largest retailer of digital products (software, eBooks, blueprints, downloadable media, etc.) in the world. They do allow their *vendors to offer tangible goods as well, but this is a fairly recent venture so obviously they're not the world leader in this regard.

- Being the largest retailer of digital goods, it doesn't take a scientist specializing in the aerodynamics of bird feathers to draw the conclusion that such a company has made millions, likely in the billions - so I think it's safe to assume they know what they're doing, in addition to having an interest in continuing their financial success. The fact is, a company in such a position would never be there in the first place if they didn't give (and continue to give) the upmost priority to ensuring things like consumer data protection/security, purchase protection, cyber security, consumer privacy, government/banking/trade compliance, etc. were met/implemented/actively practiced to the highest possible standards a company of such magnitude is capable of - particularly one who's revenue and reputation is by and large dependent on the digital world.

My point: 1. Your personal data is as safe and protected as possible. In fact, unlike some companies of this caliper and many that are even larger, ClickBank has NEVER been associated with a data/security breach of any kind. 2. Your purchases may be returned for any reason so their is no risk of loss in the event you feel unsatisfied with a vendor's particular product - even if the vendor doesn't handle the matter, simply ask ClickBank!

So... your information is private and secure, and you need not worry whether your money can be returned in the event your're unsatisfied, it was not the right product for you, or even if you're just one of those pathetic creatures who think it's clever to use a product for all its worth then make up an excuse for returning it, whatever - bottom line is the reason doesn't matter, ClickBank will honor any and all requests for a refund in any and all circumstances within 60 days of the date of purchase.

- Is ClickBank actually a scam? Of course not, do your own research if you're hung up on this ridiculous notion. Even if you're treated poorly, insufficiently, and/or untimely by a vendor (which I assume is rare, as that would be counterproductive for their business) simply contact Clickbank with your request!

*Vendors are separate entities/businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether it be a single individual operating as a sole-proprietor or a decent sized organization operating as an LLC or corporation with any number of employees. Essentially, these vendors use ClickBank's platform to market their product or service - where ClickBank's role is that of a retailer - paying wholesale to vendors in exchange for managing sales, increasing a vendors exposure via their marketplace, etc. It's really quite straightforward - other than being online it operates and serves consumers in much the same way as that of a grocery store or other retail operation hosting a wide variety of products and brands.

My experience with ClickBank: Full disclosure - I've dealt with ClickBank from both sides, though I don't see how I could really stand to gain by writing this. I'm motivated by the sheer injustice of various comments, that for all intents and purposes, are either so severely exaggerated or entirely inaccurate that they're not serving as a reliable source for the consumers who are here for precisely that - a reliable source.

As a consumer, I've purchased many (dozens) of products - some good, some amazing, some so-so, some terrible (in my opinion). I've rarely required customer support from the vendor, but in the few cases I have they sufficiently handled the issue or answered the question in within a reasonable time frame.In the few instances I've needed to contact ClickBank they were as you'd expect - very nice, sometimes generic, but always eager to fluff my pillow like all (or most I should say) big companies treat consumers; and just as you might expect a company of such repute to behave/operate.

I've also played the role as a vendor and affiliate marketer (affiliates promote vendor products for a commission), and dispelling some ludicrous misconceptions I'm, quite frankly, tired of hearing or laying eyes upon, was another motivating factor for writing this FACT-BASED review. As a vendor/affiliate I am satisfied with the way ClickBank handles things and think they are an innovative, forward thinking company who does a great job facilitating their vendors success and addressing their consumers questions, comments and support issues.

Don't be a donkey and abuse their return policy or attempt piracy - it hurts the vendors more than anything - doing so is akin to hiring an individual for a job and then refusing to pay them despite them finishing the job and doing it well, then laughing at them for being so dumb - it really is that foul of a deed.
Michael W. 43 days ago
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Simona P. 8 days ago
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Ziaul S. 101 days ago
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Angela L. 150 days ago
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