We are a Team of everyday people from different spheres of life who are passionate about similar values- of friendship, sincerity, support and helping one another. Softgrants is a platform that connects real life everyday people from around the world to donate to one another and receive additional incentives in return. Make sure to read our Rules and FAQs, then you simply sign up, update your payment details and pick someone who is to receive money from the list and pay either part or the full amount of money the person is to receive. Once your payment has been confirmed, you would be queued on the list to be paid 150% of the amount you donated if you donated on local currency list and 160% if you donated on bitcoin list. 100% is the money you donated plus 50% or 60% incentive as the case may be. Thus if you donate N50,000 on local currency list, youre queued to receive N75,000 within 1-10 working days And if you donate $100 on bitcoin list, youre queued to receive $160 within

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