Snowbird Studio

Handcrafted jewelry using quality materials such as sterling silver, gold-filled, bronze, and silver or gold plated metals. Each piece features high quality components like gemstones, natural stone, Swarovski crystals, fire polished glass and ceramics. Many of the jewelry elements are personally designed and handmade in my studio, and sometimes the original design I had in mind will change with the creative process. I decided to have two lines of jewelry made with two types of materials in metal for those people who are looking for more economical options given the prices of silver and gold on the market today. Plated metals in silver and gold are a fantastic alternative and often cannot be told apart unless by a designer. Most of my pieces can be made in either level of metal, plated, .925 silver or gold-filled, copper, or bronze. Everything is hand crafted with love in my Calgary, Alberta, Canada home studio with shipping included.

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