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Anonymous 528 days ago
Best Customer Service Period
It isnt often I buy something that I know very little about but for my little ones birthday we decided to buy a Violin. I have always wanted to learn to play ever since grade school when i would sit on the bench by the office (YES okay in trouble AGAIN jeez!) There was a small secondary library at the end of the hall that to this day I have no clue of the reason for its existence. Our school was a small New England School with maybe MAX 200 kids. I would hear kids practicing in that room regularly and my family could never afford such luxuries.

But i digress ...

I had no clue what was needed , how it should be set up , how much or what i should buy ... NOTHING. I ended up using their live chat option and spoke with a Nicole. She helped me SO MUCH in figuring out what was needed . I saved even MORE money by her telling me that NO i did NOT need every accessory under the sun and she even steered me in the direction of a low cost all in one kit. AMAZING quality for price as well!