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Our company started out as the blog, My-Vapor-Gasm, with the intent to introduce you to the amazing flavors and devices of the vaping world. As we began the journey into the blogging world, we found that no single shop had the right combination of vapes, juices, accessories, and customer service. Some shops had great devices and accessories, but terrible customer service. Some shops provided a great experience, but only sold juice. So we said, 'oh what the hell, we should just open up shop'. That's when was born. is focused on providing an awesome customer experience while delivering quality products. You will find top notch vaping products that will suit everyone, from the newbies of the vaping world, to the vapers with more discriminating tastes. You will also find gourmet juices that offer unique flavors from master crafters. As the vaping community continues to grow and evolve, so will our product choices that we offer.

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