Sala Muzik

Sala Muzik : The Music Store With The Best Ethnic Instruments Music is one of the most important elements in our lives. In order to create the best music, you need instruments with beautiful looks and high quality. Sala Muzik gives you the chance to find different kinds of Turkish and Persian instruments for your journey of musical creativity. Through our website, you can find a wide variety of ethnic musical instruments. Our catalogue includes different kinds of well-known Turkish, Persian, Azeri and Arab instruments. Darbuka, Bendir, Riq and Davul are wonderful choices for your percussion needs. Daf, Tombak and Dayareh are other interesting alternatives you can shop in this category. Another important category in our store is string instruments. Saz, Oud, Baglama, Kemence, Kanun, Cumbus, Setar, Tar and Tanbour are perfect examples for ethnic string instruments. These instruments are great choices if you would like to add some

Valide-i Atik Mah. Nuhkuyusu Cad. No 119a Uskudar, Ä°stanbul, 34664, TR
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