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Raymond B. 158 days ago
My Happy Behind!
OK, so I have had the Brooks Saddle and of course the rock hard saddles that came with my new bikes and riding has always been a painfull experience, more specifically a pain in the backside!). So to say I was skeptical at the reviews and claims of this unorthodox saddle would be an understatement. But I ordered one anyway. I like generations of men before me, put the seat on my bike saddle on without reading the included instructions or watching the video. The seat was... well not much different than my previous seats as far as comfort. So I broke down and called Rideout Tech's customer service. To my surprise Jeri (the seat inventer, patent holder, and company president) answered the call! Well, in her own very polite way she told me to RFD (Read the "full" directions) She walked me thru the steps to set this saddle on my bike properly. Slighlty lower and tilted about 5 degrees forward was the key. With these adjustments the seat performed great. I'm Sold on it.
Response from rideouttech.com
Thank you for your feedback, I'll glad your behind is happy!
Neal U. 88 days ago
I'm impressed
I have purchased 4 Carbon Comfort saddles for 4 identical electric bikes. They work quite well for those bike riders who have had problems with derriere soreness and/or prostate. I had a baseplate fail, evidently due to the fact that carbon fiber, though stronger than steel, may crack if the bike is dropped. I thought I'd have to replace the whole seat, but I was very pleasantly surprised when Jeri told it the baseplate was easily replaceable by removing 5 screws. She told me it was designed to be replaced, if necessary. This has got to be the only seat on the market that has this feature. I'm impressed by this foresight
Janelle K. 83 days ago
Before children, I used to bike frequently. I accepted numbness and pain in the nether regions as an unavoidable consequence. I had tried multiple seats, including one that was almost as wide as a couch cushion! I recently visited a good friend (sans kiddos) and she insisted I ride with her. The bike she lent me was equipped with a RideOut saddle (because in her words, "my friends deserve nothing but the best"). I hesitantly agreed to a 25 mile ride. I must say, after we were through, while almost every part of me was aching from exertion by backside was neither numb nor sore! Excellent product!