Real Peru Store

Peru has a great biodiversity of healthy agricultural products that are very rich in proteins and minerals. Discover a diverse variety of flavours that have been used in Peruvian cuisine since the time of the Incas. The Incas were also specialists in colourful hand-embroidered textiles and Peru has a great variety of crafts that continue their traditions making high quality products and beautiful designs. Making use of its good materials the new Peruvian designers make original and colourful products. Real Peru Store has been created to offer these products to the United Kingdom, and we will add more incredible products to our range over time. For each product we sell with the Minka brand we will donate directly to the Peruvian Mountain Communities. (Minka in Quechua means solidarity). In addition, we will contribute to the welfare of UK society by donating a portion of our profits. We hope you enjoy our products!

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