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We built RDRenti.com to provide a great service to all of those who travel to the Dominican Republic. We want to offer a better and easier way for our visitors to rent their cars in the Dominican Republic. We want to be an independent provider and car rental directory for all travelers. We built this rental car directory because we believe that we can provide great services to all of those who travel to the Dominican Republic either on vacation or business. We work with reliable, customer oriented and legal companies in the Dominican Republic in order to provide you with various vehicles and services offered by them. We built this service because we frequently travel to the Dominican Republic and there were several occasions where the promises were not kept. We believe in fairness, responsibility and reliability. We embrace to our rental car partners in the Dominican Republic that customers should be treated with respect at all time. Reserve with Us!

Greensboro Station Pl, McLean, VA, 22102, US
Service Location 1
Ruta 66 Salida Del Aeropuerto Las Americas, Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, BEN, DO
Service Location 2
Avenida Victor Manuel Espaillat, Santiago De Los Caballeros, 51081, DO
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