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Anonymous 68 days ago
Great Insulation, great technical support
I am a radiant floor heating contractor and I needed double bubble radiant barrier under slab/ concrete insulation. Their website is really well organized and easy to use. All necessary information and description of their products. Easy to determine what you need. They have multiple choices of reflective insulation. Single bubble, double bubble and I loved the double bubble with reflective layer and white sheet. really helpful customer service, my computer auto fill wrong address and the technical support have changed it within minute. Really happy! Highly recommend and will use them next week again!
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RadiantGUARD radiant barrier and reflective insulation products are beneficial in ANY application where the goal is to CONTROL HEAT. We, at RadiantGUARD, strive to provide consumers with unbiased honest information. In a nutshell, reflective products can be very effective by using simple physics, and as with physics, they too have their limitations. Please review our website information and contact us with any questions you may have about our products or competitors claims.

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