Pure Setups

It started out with one person that grew into a team. When the owner founded Pure Setups, he wanted nothing more than setting up servers. After setting up servers for 3 years, he decided that he wanted to do it for others. That's when he gathered a team that worked tirelessly making Minecraft servers. After he got formed his team, he decided that he wanted to go big. He started advertising his service on around the Minecraft community. Accordingly, after getting constant orders, he wanted to expand his team. Yet, he's still looking to grow. So, which agent will be setting up your server next? Pure Setupsis nothing but working together, and developing a community. That's why we put an excessive amount of time and effort into each one of our setups, making sure it gets to you with quality and compassion. Since the day we've started, we have and will continue to thrive in the community with spirit, passion, and effort. At Pure Setups, we take customers seriously for what they belie

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