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Anonymous 253 days ago
What a con!!!!!!!
If i coukd leave a 0 i would. Spoke to Steve 2 weeks ago for an hour session, he was almost an hour late but i let that slide, then for the hour he spent half or that or more cracking jokes and telling me aboutthe people he's worked with blq bla bla. Again i let it slide as he promised he would send my reading in email form so i would have it to refer back yo and obviously get thw full reading ad i didnt get as much as i'd hoped from the phone conversation. Its been 2 weeks now and all i-ve had was a couple of emails saying he would send it as he was behind after a week plus of nothing i emailed hum again asking for my email and he said maybe it didnt send because it was too large of a PDF but he was looking into it for me, last week. I thwn emailed again asking if he had figured out the problem and i never got a response. So overall i am extremely disappointed with the service, i really really regret soending £40 and feel cheated. Overall i will never use this service for entertainment purposes or otherwise!!!
Response from
We are sorry you have had such a poor response from Stephen. You maybe aware he is an ill person ,but he will normally respond to all his emails and the alike. Last few weeks he was away on his Honeymoon so maybe this is why you did not get any response as his emails were on "Out of Office Mode" . We understand the frustration you have gone through, and to be honest this is his first negative response so I'm sure Stephen will act urgently to help resolve the issue for you.

I can see looking at his email he did send out the email but your address was rejected, and the call on live chat was free. He explained on live chat that you did not need any reading as he gave you the answers by the chat. However you booked him and he was indeed late so for this we are going to refund you the amount you paid direct to the same payment method, and also we will get Stephen to resend the email as I can see it has been returned 2 times now.

Once again we are so sorry for your poor experience.