P. R. Filtration

We are authorised dealers for Berkey ProPur LifeStraw Sprite Shower Filters Home Health Education Services P. R. Filtration originally was instigated back in 2012. The website name is https://peaceriverfiltration.com.au but for business purposes this was shortened, both names though are registered to our company WYMANDEA PTY LTD ABN 91 066 715 446 We discovered the need for water filtration or better yet purification and an essential part being buffered, mineralised water, preferably naturally mineralised. This is our motivation to bring to the Australian market place as a great product found in our Berkey range of purifiers. We have also a range of nutritional education aids Everything we sell we use Most importantly our support of 3rd world water and sanitation projects like "Water For Life" are dear to our heart and the great efforts taken to establish this company. This is the vision we hope most to project to our customers that we consider our friends Wyman & Gab

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