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Andrea R. 987 days ago
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Here are some things that do not inspire trust.

1. They didn't have a physical location on their site.
2. They advertised "prescription medicines from Canada" but they are really in China and ship from India.
3. They have 3 security logos on their website. The McAfee one states that the site is secure as of today's date, but if you click "contact website," you end up on a "page not found." Geotrust says, "Website security NOT confirmed," and Security Metrics gives you a notice that they check their sites quarterly for security and the last time their SSL was updated was in October of 2014, about 8.5 months ago.

However, the price they charged my card was what they said it would be, even though I got a scare when I saw a bill for 529.60 CNY and at first thought they charged my card $529.60 USD. I have to pay a 2.7% conversion rate on the American amount, which only amounts to about $2.25 USD, so that's not a big deal.

It's worth it to get the trackable shipment, at least on this first order, so I can claim a loss if the package doesn't arrive. They say they will re-ship if you use the untrackable option (which is $20 cheaper) and the post office confirms that they didn't deliver the package. But that condition seems impossible to prove - how can the post office prove that they didn't deliver something? So I'm doing the trackable option and we'll see how they do. The package will arrive much faster with the tracking, anyway.

All in all, I trust them to ship the merchandise, because their online chat, information, cart, and website are probably too much trouble to set up to be a scam. But they could be more forthcoming about where they're located and flesh out their security info quite a bit.

On the good side, they did a good job with the online chat help. Hopefully all will be well and I can come back in a month and give a better review.