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Tyler F. 349 days ago
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Grandma Moves Faster
I have ordered and paid $67 for some dirt so far and have waited the "1-7 days" for them to process it and now its been 8 days and no update on my order. I tried contacting them through Email to see whats going on and still have not received a response after 2 days which they say the wait time is "24-48 hours". So far im not pleased with my order and purchase from them, was watching a lot of videos about them and read a lot of different reviews about the paydirt and thought it was a good but and I would enjoy panning it, but so far I cant even put the dirt in my pan after 8 days of them taking my money from my bank. I gave lynch Mining a one star rating due to their lack of customer support and the processing time on my order.

*Update* Its now been 11 days (6/14/17) from purchasing and getting my order confirmation through my email and still have not received an update or a response to contacting them.