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Merry L. 71 days ago
Very Unsatisfied Customer!!
This is the email I sent to them, I've called, and I have yet to hear from management! I have removed names, and added the picture of what I ordered and the picture of what I received....

Dear Palmer Florist,

I am furious with the flowers that were delivered to my Aunt's funeral. ( Funeral Home / Lombard, Sunday April 4, 2018)They are NOTHING like what I had ordered. And the PAPER streamer that was added with sister on it was a tacky embarrassment.There was suppose to be a pretty satin ribbon with Sister on it. I asked for a card with Much Love, Joan on it and I got this crappy print out off a computer. Where was the small card with a hand written sediment in an envelope? Horrible and disgusting display of flowers. Shame on you Palmer Florist! Looks like the whole arrangement was thrown together in 5 minutes before it was sent out the door. I tried to contact you via your website but it won't send due to a technical issue. Attached are 2 pictures, 1 of what I printed off your website to order with the SKU # 148751. I even gave this number to the young lady I spoke to on the phone when I ordered. Grace I believe was her name. The 2nd photo is the flowers I received. I spent a great deal of money with you I had 2 orders. The 2nd order was a basket. I found it to be acceptable even though I thought the flowers could have been fresher and again it had the tacky card attached. I await your response to remedy this situation.

Sincerely a very unsatisfied customer,