Omigod, Dibs!

We're bringing back the American road trip. When you think road trip, think "Omigod, Dibs!" We are your route to road trip bliss because we've got everything you need to be prepared for the long haul. Omigod, Dibs! is an online store that provides unique items in clothing, sunglasses, phone accessories, road trip essentials and much more for those who are road trip enthusiasts. OD provides everything one needs to perfectly plan out a trip with friends and family. We have your all important traveler’s fashion and t-shirts to keep you looking stylish while on the road. We’ve got your destination swimwear and tourist’s eyewear for all your fun-in-the-sun needs. There’s even auto accessories, electronics, travel mugs and entertainment items offered in store to cover most of your and your families other road trip necessities. Our goal is to get you to think of us first for all your on-the-road needs before mapping out your next road trip destination.

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