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Oscar J. 103 days ago
False advertisng too expensive
Brought four feminized Nukeheads seeds ended up with three males and only one female extremely disappointed price is too high paid $30 for one seed.
Anonymous A. 251 days ago
Buyer Beware
I’ve never ordered from this site but, I wanted to warn others about this. The gentleman who owns it is very deceptive and makes threats towards any one who disagrees with him. Check out the buyer terms page and you’ll see what I mean. This behavior is highly unprofessional and in no way how you treat a paying customer. Also, the fertilizers he’s selling are heavily marked up. You can buy them at a local nursery for half the price. Seeds are cheaper at dispensary's as well. Do not order from this store unless you want to be cheated.
Tandumdreams 103 days ago
Feminized seeds werent feminized
A few months back ordered five fairly pricey feminized seeds from you guys i have those far grown one grape ape that’s ok and have started a blackberry kush and a blueberry headband both of which are males not hermies the are real dudes
Bill S. 110 days ago
Be wise and don't belive everything you hear
This guy has been lying for months claiming that Fertilome changed the blend on their 20-20-20 fertilizer. Well take a look at these pics and you'll see that's not true. The yellow label is the old product notice the date in all the pictures and the indigents are the same.
Bill S. 119 days ago
All synthetic fertilizers are made from salts
Urea is a salt, ammonium phosphate is a salt, and potassium nitrate is also a salt. Google fertilizer salts for more info. Second for such an award wining product called Flower Power Package why hasn’t it been entered into any contest? Nor has it been in the news locally or nationally. There are a bunch of sponsorship videos going around YouTube claiming the FPP gave their plants superior growth and yield yet they didn’t test or compare it to any other fertilizer. Truth is it’s just re branded Fertilome why else would the Plutonium Bloom have the same NPK as their Rooting and Blooming 9-58-8? Back in December Nukeheads changed the NPK on the label of the Uranium Veg from 20-20-20 to 17-15-13 and fooled their subscribers into believing it was a different formula when they didn't do anything to it. Contrary to belief Fertilome did not change their blend otherwise they would've had to upload a new MSDS from 2015.
David M. 56 days ago
For those who don’t know
There’s a rumor going around the internet from YouTube to Amazon saying, “Fertilome changed their blend and added more salts to it.” This rumor was started by the owner of Nukeheads back in September 2017 when he quit selling the Fertilome 20-20-20 and 9-58-8 and replaced it with the Flower Power Package. Here’s what Fertilome had to say about it.
Bredman 77 days ago
slow shipping
My Nuke head products shipped in 1 week. Not 2 days and I paid for 1 day shipping on a separate order
Anonymous A. 61 days ago
Does this sound like a professional business?
Recently the owner used his community to get another channel deleted on YouTube. West Coast Cannabis who works for Optic Led, apparently Nukeheads had some sort of issue with him so they reported several of his videos. Also, there are a few 1 star reviews that were intentionally given for the Optic 2, 4, 6, and 8 on Amazon as well.
Dave H. 86 days ago
NukeHeads is a Honest and Fair company
From what I've seen, the folks at NukeHeads has always been fair and honest with the folks it has worked with. Which is more than I can say about some others.
Michael D. 86 days ago
NukeHeads Products are Amazing! 100% Bonified !
I've used to nutrients and purchased their products for almost 6 months now I've had REMARKABLE growth in my plants and using their nutrient solution. I GET FAST SHIPPED ORDERS WITHIN 2 DAYS AND THEY HAVE A GUARANTEE ON THEIR PRODUCT THAT'S FOOLPROOF 100%.
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