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Brittany A. 369 days ago
Great Service!
Was a little skeptical when I first came across these guys, but it turned out to be a legit real deal, happy to report that as a result of taking that "risk" and signing up, I just moved in to my own home - that I'm taking over the payments for - which I would NEVER have been able to qualify for on my own.

Really awesome concept and execution here, I <3 That you actually PROVIDE the services you state on your website, unlike all those scams out there...

HUGE fan 4ever
Bobby T. 307 days ago
Still pleasantly shocked
It still feels surreal to say, but I am a proud new homeowner thanks to

The best $45 I've ever spent hands down
Jazmin W. 329 days ago
Amazing service totally changed my circumstances
Before I came across this company being able to own a home was not even on my radar as being within the realm of possibility for me.

Two weeks after a signing up with this company I just got done signing for transfer of ownership of a house to me and for less per month than I planned on paying for renting an apartment

love you guys forever seriously the best thing that has happened to me
Katie K. 295 days ago
Glad I Did This!
I almost didn;t Sign up for this service- but I'm SO glad I did..Home ownership was not even on my radar as a possibility for me before I contacted them regarding a listing I saw on Zumper....As of two weeks ago, I am officialy a homeowner - which still feels completely surreal to even say - and I'm actually paying less for my mortgage than I was expecting to pay for renting an apartment! Honestly the best $45 I've ever spent hands down IMHO...
Rw W. 155 days ago
Amazing opportunities high quality listings
Very with this service, they provide high quality listings you can't find anywhere else or at least I could not and I looked everywhere, great support very responsive looking forward to finalizing the mortgage assumption for my soon-to-be new home knock on wood not trying to jinx it surreal experience hoping everything is finalized and good to go Tuesday after the holiday won't get crazy excited until finalized LOL
Dam M. 329 days ago
Scam!!! Do not use this service!
This is a SCAM! They advertised a house saying that the owner would be opened to lease it. I told the NotRent person that I was just registering to see the info on this house and he told me "this house WAS $x/month". I asked "Was?" and he told me "I meant, it IS. It's still was active."I paid for the registration, I got access to their system and the house was not listed!

From a different web, I found the agent of the house and he told me that this is a scam and that they have placed several complaints against them for advertising that the house was also available to be leased when that wasn't true.

I called NotRent to get my money back (had to call 5 times before someone picked up the phone) and the person that answered the phone was extremely rude, kept cutting me off and wouldn't want to listen to my story. He said that I'm the one who should listen and hand hang up the phone on me! I keep calling and they are not picking up the phone!

SCAM! Do not use this service!