My Bish Bash Bosh for Women

ABOUT ME AND MY BISH BASH BOSH for Women Firstly the Name, yes I know it's a bit different but it means, Indicating the completion of a task with efficiency, and that is what my aim is for my customers. Hello and thank you so much for your interest in My Bish Bash Bosh for Women. My name is Susan Coleman, I am the founder of My Bish Bash Bosh for Women, a company who provides flattering and fun clothing for the plus size woman, however I have not left out the more svelte women. I love fashion, young old and in-between, however I don’t like shopping as in physically going out to the shops. I love online shopping. Having looked at a lot of Plus-size online shops I found that the prices were horrendous. Instead of settling for the limited and expensive women’s fashion available, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and My Bish Bash Bosh for Women was born.

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