MrGee, Inc.

I am N'dri Germain, Founder & CEO of MrGee Inc. I have been raised in extreme poverty, ill health and lack of education in a small village of the heart of Africa in the 80's. During my childhood I discover Internet and it changed my life entirely. I learned how to use it and how to help enough other people in Africa get good education. By Shopping with Us, You Automatically Become One Of Our Valued Foundation's Donators in the World. We use 20% of the amount You order as a DONATION to Support Children Education in Africa (Ivory Coast and Ghana Currently... More to Come). We also Believe that "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" (Nelson Mandela). MrGee Inc, is run by a positive and dedicated team whose mission is to bring you closer to whatever you need worldwide without leaving your home. Just Order and Sit Tight and We will Do the Hard Work For You Until You are Delivered the Items at Your Doorstep. MrGee Inc, YOU FIRST!

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